Photophan Studio Above Excellence Promotional  Posters

Graphic Effects

From simple cross processing to composites we can do virtually everything .  If you can draw it or write your idea on the back of a check big enough for sure we can do it.

We do everything from CD covers, athletes promo, posters, advertising, banners and with us you can have everything in one stop, from photographing to graphic effects and final lay out.

We are working close with some vendors for big size poster or banners.

For your promotional materials it is much easier to photograph, process and ad graphics with the final lay out established in advance. Cut outs of the subject or  files with layers of the background, subject cut out and transparency are part of our services too. We can deliver files in PSD, TIFF and JPEG.

For final output we can prepare the images in RGB, sRGB or CMYK just let us know in advance what colour space you want to use.

Also posters and composites from your shoot  can be made in sizes 11x14, 16x18, and up. The prints can be mounted by us on cardboard backing for easy hung on walls.

Check out also our Product Gallery if you are interested to promote your product or services. We shoot catalogues and we can help with the final lay outs.

Product Gallery click here